Volunteering at FTM

Currently there are no vacancies.

What our volunteers say
“Volunteering at the museum has been an absolute joy, the museum staff are a lovely close-knit team, and very welcoming. Whilst volunteering here once I week I have gained essential knowledge on the inner-workings of a museum, and also have expanded my knowledge of British fashion!” – Georgie, January 2013

“I’ve really enjoyed my time volunteering at FTM. As a front of house assistant, it has been rewarding dealing with the museum’s visitors. I volunteer only every second Saturday, but despite this infrequency have been made to feel like a valuable part of the team and I love spending time there. I am proud to be associated with the museum, it’s a great place and the staff are fantastic!” – Anne, February 2013

“I applied to volunteer at the museum because I was keen to gain an insight into the running of an arts organisation as well as some general work experience while I applied for paid work and internships. I’ve definitely got exactly what I wanted out of my time here, and genuinely enjoyed being part of the team –all of whom have been very friendly and welcoming. It’s also given me a lot more confidence in interviews and other applications, and has overall been a great experience!” – Hannah, February 2013

“It was so much fun working with all of you & I think it’s safe to say that you all made my summer fantastic. My time at FTM was the greatest placement I could have asked for and I wouldn’t trade those 2 months for time anywhere else!” – Ryan, July 2013